Exploring Oak OpeningsĀ 

With a four day weekend this past week I had the opportunity to explore some more of a local Metropark in the area. It’s hard to believe that I only live 25 miles from here and have only walked it’s trails less than a hand full of times.  

Below are images from my walk that day. All taken on Ilford HP5+ shot with a Nikon F4. I developed the film in ADOX Adonal at a 1:50 dilution as per the Mass Dev Chart. 



With Spring just about sprung it was time to get out and do some shooting. A couple of weeks ago when Makayla said she wanted a session I jumped on the opportunity. Having shot her a couple of times prior (including her Senior portraits) I knew the images would be fantastic and the conversation would be interesting. 

While our initial location was shut down for repairs due to some vandalism, we relocated a short distance away at a State Park that we both know and love.  

As in sessions past, Makayla was great in front of the lens and offered great conversation which made our two hour shoot fly by.   As much as I enjoyed this seeing with her I very much look forward to her next.